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People nowadays are suffering from a stressful life. During working hours, travel because of traffic, and a lot more. Even those who are just sitting and working for 8 hours in front of their computer are having body pain. To give the remedy for that, the largest massage company in the Philippines are here for you.

Massage is a healing process in which the hand of a therapist will manually caress the part of your body in where the pain is very evident in a specific motion. Massage helps our blood to circulate normally, and our muscles to soften whenever they are stiff due to stress or fatigue. People are in need this kind of treatment since every bit of our daily activities today are causing us to suffer from body pain, headache, and a lot more. And this is the time for you to finally make massage as your business. But building this kind of business is not that easy. From the expenses, manpower, and so on. You don’t have to worry! Because Vibes Massage INC is now offering franchise.

What about Vibes Massage INC?

Vibes Massage is a self-help group livelihood project launched by Visually Impaired way back 1992. At first, they are just offering home services. But as their market grew wide, they got the chance to build their own massage clinic. Their mission is to give gainful employment and opportunities to the visually-impaired and disabled and their dependents so that they can live productive lives. Currently, Vibes massage has 450 blind masseurs and 103 normally seeing dependents workers. They offer massage training for their employees to give justice to their purpose. Vibes Massage is also a recipient of some awards such as the Apolinario Mabini Award for “Best Employer for the Disabled”, the SIKAP Award of RCBC as “Best Disabled Organization” and HAMIS Awards from the Department of Health.

How much will be needed to have a franchise?

You must invest P200.000. This includes the concept and training of all blind massage therapist. Other details regarding this are negotiable.

So what are you waiting for start your own massage business.

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