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University of the Philippines

University of the Philippines also known as (UP) was the first university established on June 18, 1908 by the American colonial government.

The objective of the university is to provide “advanced instruction in literature, philosophy, the sciences and arts, and to give professional and technical training” to eligible students regardless of “age, sex, nationality, religious belief and political affiliation”.

The management of the university make sure that it has the highest standard when it comes to intelligence of their students. It doesn’t matter if the students can’t afford the financial stability, as long as they can maintain their grades.

The University of the Philippines has 8 constituent and basic education which located in 15 campuses across the Philippines. Manila was where the first UP, it was established on 1909. It offers colleges such as Fine Arts, and Medicine and Surgery. (UP) is mostly consider as the top university in the country.

A lot of successful graduates are came from (UP). 7 Philippine Presidents, 13 Chief Justices of the Philippine Supreme Court, 36 National Scientists and 40 National Artists of the Philippines are those great example. It has also the most National Centers of Excellence and Development among higher education institutions in the country.

Because of (UP), a lot of Filipinos who dream to finish their studies get the chance to fulfil it even they don’t have the capability to go to school because of their financial status. University of the Philippines serves to be the stepping stone for many aspiring Filipinos. As of today, University of the Philippines continuously promoting its objective to produce credible graduates.

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