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Puerto Princesa Underground River

Summer is now approaching. And visiting one of the wonders of the Philippines is worth things to do. Take a look at this first before you finally go.

Subterranean River or Puerto Princesa Underground River is one of those natural beauties of Palawan that people admire the most. It is an 8.2km long underground river that is located within the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park in the Philippines, approximately 30 miles north of the city of Puerto Princesa. For you to reach the entrance of the river, you need to take a short ferry ride from the town of Sabang. While waiting for your ride to end, the view in Puerto will surely entertain you. When you finally reach the underground river, a jaw-dropping sight will make you stunned for the moment. The river flows underground through natural rock formation like caves, stalactites, and stalagmites. You can also see their different shapes of the rocks that no one could ever imagine unless they saw it on their own. Horse, cacao fruit, a mushroom, and the holy family are only some of those rock formation that really contribute to the beauty of the Underground River. Those rocks are shaped as if they are the real one. But, only 4.3km of the river can tourist totally explore. If you wish to go to another part of it, you should obtain a permit. Another amazing thing that the Geologists and environmentalists had discovered by the year 2010 is the second level of the river which leads them to have this notion that there are waterfalls in the cave too. Along the way, they also found out this dome which reaches 300 meters above the river. Large bats, additional river channels and marine creatures are also included in their discoveries. On the lower part of the river, you will find brackish water which only means that it has fresh and salt water. This is called an underground river, but it is actually above sea level.

Because of the many beautiful wonders of this river, it gets a lot of attention that lead it to become one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Spending your summer in this kind of place is a chance that you should never miss.fs

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