Our History

At 2012 Nour decided to start his own Education Consultancy business in the Philippines. Unfortunately he had some struggles, so he then decided to start an English Institution Center. Nour realized that he would excel more on a diferrent line of business so he put up a team and set up the company named AL EDRISI E-SERVICES INC.


Al EDRISI E-SERVICES INC was born in 2017 by the laws in the Philippines as an IT services and marketplaces service provider.
As a start, the company was set to provide IT services and trading business but as time goes by he and his team decided to focus on various market places.


This year 2019 was the start of our first ever project: http://www.gid4u.org


A bidding freelancing platform providing freelance jobs to professionals and providing freelancers to clients/businesses.