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Lumina Homes

Lumina Homes

One of the toughest decisions we have to make is choosing the right home for our family. There are some factors we have to consider when choosing a perfect home. Is it in a good location such as near school districts, churches, businesses, hospitals and shopping centers? Will you be safe from crimes? These, coupled with affordability and security, comprises some of the reasons why we need to be careful when choosing our homes. Well, we have a good news for you. We have the solution for your housing needs. Introducing Lumina homes.

What is Lumina homes?

Under the Vista Land and Lifescapes, Lumina homes is one of their five brands. It is a mass housing developer with projects all over the Philippines. It offers a comfortable home for minimum wagers. In just span of three years in business, it already has 14 projects across the country.

Why Lumina?

1. Budget friendly. One of the most essential thing that a customer should put into consideration when buying a home is its cost. In Lumina, for as low as PHP 1,898, you can own a home under Pag-ibig financing. Choose from Townhouses and row houses with price ranging from Php 450,000 to 1,250,000.

2. Security and Safety. What is a home without proper security, right? With a perimeter fence, guarded entrance and CCTV cameras installed, Lumina ensures safety for the home owners.

3. Amenities. Feeling bored? Take a walk outside, look at what’s not just inside but also what you can find outside the house. Why not visit the basketball court, bring your kids to the playground, and see the mini gardens. There is also a multi-purpose hall for special events, and space for a future commercial area.

4. Firm foundation. With reinforced concrete systems on its core, every homes are durable since it is made up of pure cement.

5. Simple and easy process. Want to get your home quick and hassle free? The marketing and admin staff will assist you through easy steps for all types of financing in getting your dream home.

6. Nationwide. Ever growing in number and services for the people, Lumina’s subdivisions can be found on strategic locations. It spreads over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, are accessible, can be found in major cities and municipalities, and are close to hospitals, schools, churches, business and shopping centers.

With these things and standards met, Lumina homes is surely a great choice. Always remember, don’t just buy a house, but build a home! Do it with Lumina homes!

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