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There are lots of business opportunities here in the Philippines. And Importation and Exportation are the two of the best things to consider.

Importation is when a good was brought into a jurisdiction, especially across a national border, from an external source. Many countries have low price products that you can import and sell here for up to fifty percent higher than their original cost. Knowing Filipinos, we are fun of low priced products.

Advantage of importation.

You can introduce new products.

There are many products in the other countries which are not here. People now a days are curious about anything new. Through that, you can surely increase your potential market.

You can be the leading business entrepreneur.

Because business world become bigger and bigger, you have the chance to import new products with higher quality before other business men do.

Reduce the manufacturing cost.

If you’re planning to put any business in where you are the one who will make your own product, you will spend huge amount in order to produce products with good qualities. But if you are going to import the materials that you are going to use, your manufacturing cost will not be that high. In addition to that, you can sell your products according to your standard price.

How about exportation?

Exportation is when you sell your products outside your local market. Yes. You can consider this also. If importation has variety of benefits, here are some of those that you can get through exportation.

Advantage of exportation.

Increase your profit.

Yes. You can have good income by celling your products locally. But, there is higher possibilities of making your sales higher than what you expected.

You can have wider potential market.

Local buyers are only limited. But if you are going to export your products, you can get a big chance to increase your market. Added to that, exporting can be one way of scanning opportunities for overseas franchising or even production.

If you want to be the leading business entrepreneur to a specific industry, you should consider importation. But, if you want to look for wider potential market and larger opportunity, there is no doubt that exportation is the one for you.

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