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How to franchise 7/11

During your long trip, after your night shift, you are always looking for a 24 hours convenient store to buy your needs! Most especially in times of emergency, right? That’s why 7/11 is here for you!

What about 7/11?

The Philippine 7-Eleven chains of convenience stores are controlled and operated by Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC for short) which was acquired from it mother company, Seven Eleven Inc. from Dallas Texas.

Operations started in February 1984 at Kamias road.

In 1998, the license to operate Philippine 7-Eleven stores were transferred to Phil-Seven Properties Corporation.

In 2000, President Chain Store Corporation of Taiwan, acquires a majority of the stocks and took the chain under control. The same company owns the chains of 7-Eleven at Taiwan.

What are the offers of 7/11?

Here are some of the products that 7/11 has for you. You can buy here a lot of grocery items such as breads and spreads, chips, nuts, beverages, toiletries and soaps. They also have warm foods that you will surely enjoy. Mostly if you will go on a long trip and you have no time to cook for your food to bring. Some of them are, siopao, siomai and hotdogs, as well as coffee and breakfast items. 7-11 is the best place to go if you need to buy something and you are running of time.

Let’s now find out how to franchise 7-11.

In order for you to have a franchise of 7-11, you must have the amount of 1-5 Million pesos, including the franchise fee. The construction of the store, utilities and equipment needed to operate, signage’s and initial inventory. And also, you have to consider the space of your store. It must be at least 120 sqm of floor space. Other thing is, you will have to provide man power and their salaries.

One more thing why you have to see this as a good business to start is that, call center jobs are now at its peak. Because of that, there are many employees are in need of 24 hours convenient stores. And 7-11 is a great choice!

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