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Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

Is it a good business to start with?

Yes it is. Because of the global engagement in the internet, digital marketing is one of those less effort businesses. In addition to that, your potential market is a lot wider than those traditional businesses.

How to start digital marketing business?

  1. Have optimism. Every business is hard to raise. Of course, rejections are there everywhere. Especially in digital marketing, trust from your online market is not that easy to gain. You will have a lot of sleepless nights to push the business more. But, rejection is the partner of success. Every no can be your stepping stone for many yeses in the future. All you have to do is to be positive always that your market will grow wide.
  2. Set Clear Goals. Okay. For you to be determined, you should have a specific target. As the advertising legend Paul Arden once said, “Without a goal, it’s hard to score”. Make sure that your goal is something that can motivate you to move forward no matter how hard the process can be.
  3. Find Your Focus. It is very important to know who your market is, and what do they eventually need. At the beginning of your journey, it feels like you want to sell everything. That you want to get every client if possible. You don’t have to worry because it’s normal. But as I’ve said, know your focus first. Let your business be known for a specific brand or products.
  4. Build Relationships. In this kind of business, good relationship to your network is a must. Note this. If a client fined you and your business trusted enough, words of recommendation will be spread right away. And sooner in time, you will notice that your market is growing.

Because you are offering intangible products, building trust from your target market is a must. If you finally get it, they will find you no matter how pricy your business is.

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