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Ateneo De Manila University

Ateneo de Manila University

This university was stablished more than a hundred years ago. That was 1859 when ATENEO began. It happened during the Spanish era. However, the educational tradition of the Ateneo embraces the much older history of the Jesuits as a teaching order in the Philippines. From there, a small private school maintained for 30 children only. And as time passed by,

ATENEO build a university that will hold and mold different individuals with one objective, aim, and goals. Unlike with many schools, ATENEO has this amazing mission and vision. Molding their students not only with full of intelligence, but also with deep understanding to who was the reason of everyone’s breathing, each one’s existence, and everybody’s purpose of living. Implication of truth and nothing but that is one reason why this university was build. And because of being a Filipino university, they are reaching Filipino culture and make it their own. Through conducting a lot of corporate activities, forming an individual’s well-being, and molding the students as professional as they can be,

ATENEO easily head to its goal to contribute to the development of the nation. Pushing the art of justice, poor and powerless people can at least have a glimpse of hope to be able to get what they truly deserve.

As for now, this university engage a lot with different activities and excellence is their surname.

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