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Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware in the Philippines

Do you want to have a hardware business? Let us help you turn your dream in to reality with Ace Hardware!

Ace is the America’s neighborhood hardware retailer for over 90 years. It is a recognized leader in the booming 279 billion dollars home improvement industry. And here is the good news for you! Ace is offering franchise for those who want to have this kind of business.

To give you aid for you to decide, here are seven reasons why you should deal with Ace Hardware.

  1. Offers FREE opening stock orders for new stores. Great, isn’t it? You can at least have items which you can sell and pay the amount needed for your order after earning.
  2. No royalty fees. Unlike with other companies, you can save a lot with Ace because instead of paying the royalty fee, you can use that expanse for other expenses.
  3. Independent ownership is back by dedicated training and support. Let’s say you are having a hard time in managing the business by your own, Ace is there to help you through trainings and assistance.
  4. Flexible merchandise mix that can be customized to your local market. Another thing is you can actually get some products that you can offer aside from those Ace are offering.
  5. Rock solid foundation and fad-proof future. You can really guarantee that this business with Ace will grow. By Its strong foundation. Your way a head is as clear as how the sun rise.
  6. #1 brand in hardware convenience. Because of its long time of existence, you can assure that the name which Ace is carrying will lead you on top.
  7. Ace is globally recognized and locally embraced. Though Ace’s quality is in global standard, local market can actually afford having Ace as there hardware to lean on.

Always remember that you have all the reasons to choose which business to build. But see to it that you look and go with the right one.

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